Bird of the year 2012

Sadly, 2012 was not to be the year of the Saddleback or Tieke Twelve as we had hoped.

T’was a good year though. Once again the Saddleback did not come last, and what we lacked in votes we made up for in integrity and moral fortitude.

Unlike this years winner, the Karerea, we put on a coherent and entertaining campaign which enthralled tens of avian enthusiasts in the Wellington region.

The Karearea’s campaign manager, comedian Raybon Kan had this to say:

“I’m overjoyed that democracy has spoken. In tough times, the people need a hero. We need a bird that inspires us – an athletic bird that swoops from the sky, not some wheezy, pedestrian bird that’s a waste of feathers.

“If you have feathers and can’t fly, don’t complain that you didn’t win Bird of the Year. It’d be like Kim Dotcom trying to win Miss Universe. Not going to happen.”

Not all was lost though. The Saddleback/Tieke got mentions in Forest and Bird’s press release and in the One News story by Damien Christie.

But do not fear. I will be back next year. Campaign plans are already in the pipeline. Bird of the Year 2013 is going to be big. I am determined to win and firmly impress the Tieke into the collective psyche of Aotearoa.

Big thanks to Forest and Bird who put it on and everyone else who helped me/put up with me during the campaign. Extra special thanks if you voted Saddleback.

Until next year…

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