African Renaissance Monument

Dakar is home to the tallest statue in the world: Le Monument de la Renaissance Africaine.

What it lacks in beauty, it makes up for in impressiveness and weirdness.

It was constructed by North Koreans shipped over from the DPRK. They still live in a military-esque compound near the monument.

I went up to the top of the man’s head. You could pretty much see all of Dakar. Thankfully the lift did not break down. It would have been one long, spiraling, walk to the bottom.

The base of the statue houses an art gallery, a theatrette, and a swanky Presidential Suite where Senegal’s President can have meetings.

While it encapsulates a beautiful idea, the statue cost a shit-load of money that probably could have been used for better things.

Insert obligatory self-taken tourist shot here:

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