Bored one night, I turned to Twitter for amusement and asked what I should do.

Amy, with all her wisdom and beauty, gave me the perfect challenge:

Take a photo of something in your house starting with each letter of the alphabet.

So I did. Here they are.

A: Apricot tea

B: Books

C: Coffee grinds


E: Eye

F: Fire

G: Green propaganda

H: Hallway

I: Ice

J: Jar

K: Kiwi shoe polish

L: Limes and Lemons

M: Mirror

N: Nail

O: Onions

P: Poster (boy)

Q: Quilt

R: Razor

S: Spirit level

T: Tiger balm

U: Undies

V: Venetian blinds

W: Wonder Woman

X: X

Y: Yolk

Z: Zip

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